Monday, April 26, 2021

1941 Japanese Sumo Wrestling Menko - M412: 1941 Nagoya Trophy 4

It's not often that I can add to the checklists for some older, extremely-rare menko sets.  The surge in card popularity has made finding good deals even in Japan harder and harder.  However, I was able to recently pick up an 8-menko, uncut sheet of the extremely rare 1941 Nagoya Trophy 4 set.  I was able to basically triple the checklist and catalogue some important sumo names, but what is more important is I am now able to see what an actual uncut sheet looks like...and it is a different one for sure.  The four middle cards are flipped from the 4 outer cards making for a unique display...I have never seen this before on sumo menko.  What I really like about this set are the vivid colors and quality of the artistic renditions of the rikishi's likeness.  A good quality set for the ages and I am happy to now have the checklist as follows:

9612 - Maegashira Fujigatake

9024 - Maegashira Tamanoumi

7897 - Maegashira Ryogoku

7892 - Ozeki Maedayama

4272 - Maegashira Tatekabuto

3556 - Komusubi Nayoroiwa

3456 - Maegashira Oshio

1359 - Sekiwake Terukuni

0205 - Yokozuna Minanogawa

0009 - Komusubi Asahigawa

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

1958 Sumo Appointment Card - What day of the week is it again?

Back in May of last year I posted about these sumo wrestling bromides calendar cards.  The first one I picked up was of Komusubi Tamanoumi and I recently stumbled across this one of future Yokozuna Asashio shown as an ozeki.  The good news is I can now nail down the year of these cards to about 1958.  These cards are interesting and really hard to find as I have only run across these two in the 20 years of collecting.  I thought they were originally from the 1960s or 1970s so I am now not sure what company Daiichi is or what services/products it provided.  More to follow I am sure as I try and find a few more of these along the way.  I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

1981 Japanese Popy Pro Wrestling Cards - Antonio Inoki

Wrestlemania weekend is upon us and I thought I'd share a few vintage Japanese puroresu "pro wrestling" cards of Antonio Inoki.  Arguably the most famous Japanese pro wrestler out there, Inoki was able to bring pro wrestling to the mainstream in Japan...much like Vince McMahon did in the United States.  This 17-card set of Popy cards from 1981 famously features Hulk Hogan's rookie card as well as an early Andre the Giant card.  They came inserted in blister packs along with vinyl figures, but nowadays they are extremely hard to find.  Does anyone else collect these?