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Sports Card Magazine - May 2016 - #116

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  Work took me away for 10 days and am now back.  Since my last post I received the latest copy of Sports Card Magazine #116 from Japan with the 6 cards attaching inside in a nice paper envelople.  NPB Card Guy over at Japanese Baseball Cards had a nice write up on the contents of this issue which mainly focuses on baseball releases.  You can read it here.

Issue #116 (Photo courtesy of
The sumo card world does not have nearly as many new releases so this issue was fairly light on sumo news, although one of the 6 insert cards was of newly promoted Ozeki Kotoshogiku.  These insert cards are also unique as there are purple foil parallel versions as well that you can randomly pull from the magazines.

Photos courtesy of MINT collectibles

SCM issue #115 highlighted the newly released 2016 Regular Sumo BBM issue, but didn't checklist the 10-card signed card subset.  Issue #116 includes it in the back on page #126 as follows (ranks as of the March 2016 tournament):

- Yokozuna Kakuryu #ed to 60
- Maegashira Tochinoshin #ed to 60
- Sekiwake Yoshikaze #ed to 60
- Maegashira Aoiyama #ed to 60
- Maegashira Ikioi #ed to 58
- Maegashira Kaisei - #ed to 60
- Maegashira Takarafuji - #ed to 60
- Maegashira Shohozan - #ed to 60
- Maegashira Mitakeumi - #ed to 60
- Yokozuna Chiyonofuji - 60th Birthday Special - #ed to 90

The hot cards are obviously the Chiyonofuji as well as the Ikioi who has become quite popular after winning the runner-up championship a few tournaments ago.

Until next time, cheers!

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