Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'll be blogging regularly again soon!!

Starting back up in August, I plan on resuming a regular 1-2 times a week blog as I get settled in to our new home. Doing mobile updates isn't as easy as it would seem so I'll wait until I get my desktop set back up to ease the frustration.  I'm looking forward to blogging on a variety of Japanese topics including Sumo Cards, the Japanese Super Car Cards, Japanese Transformer Cards, Bruce Lee Mini Cards, and a variety of other Japanese Non-Sport topics. I also accumulated a large lot of the Airport Trading Cards. Stay Tuned!!!


  1. Hey those look pretty cool, I`ve seen those Bruce Lee cards around and I have an album for them (but no cards)! Look forward to seeing future posts!

  2. Bruce Lee and Transformers? Can't wait!

  3. Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting settled and posting new Japanese stuff.