Thursday, October 27, 2016

2015 BBM Legends/Most Valuable Asset Set

Back in March of this year I did a quick summary of the 2015 BBM Legends Set.  I was finally able to pick up a complete base set of these and wanted to show a few more below.  The 72-card set is broken up into 2 subsets.  The first subset (#1-#64) are pictures of the retired wrestlers, who are now stable masters, back in their active years.  All of these shots are pre-bout warm-up photos and are colored depending on how high of rank the wrestler achieved during his career.  For example, the Yokozuna (Grand Champions) have pink coloring on the front, the Ozeki (Champions) are purple, and so on.  The backs contain a recent "mug shot" of the wrestler in a suit and tie as well as all the statistics of the wrestler throughout his career as well as a little anecdotal write up on the bottom.  The second subset (#65-72), called Early Days, show very early photos of eight popular, but recently retired wrestlers.  These are done with a gold/brown hue on the front.  The backs of these also include another early photo of the wrestler along with career statistics and an anecdotal write up along the bottom.  I did not get any of the 58 autograph cards (an example is at the very bottom) that were also randomly included as part of this set.  I'll have to save chasing those for later.

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