Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 BBM Masterpiece - Sumo Checklist

 A few months ago, BBM released a 127-card multi-sport set titled "Masterpiece" with a ton of insert cards.  It focused on both current former players from a variety of different sports to include badminton, swimming, sumo, baseball, and rugby to name a few.  There are a variety of different subsets as well within the set and I've highlighted several of those below.

Here are a couple of spreads from the last two Sports Card Magazine (SCM) on the set.

I was able to pick up the base set of 6 sumo cards fairly inexpensively.  Each of the cards has the wrestlers squatting just before the match begins with the Masterpiece tag above his name in both English and Japanese.  The back highlights his career statistics and a small paragraph under his picture with more anecdotal info.

  The first subset is titled Glorious 3D and are numbered to 50.  I have not seen one of these in person (image above from Yahoo Auctions), but they look pretty sweet.  There are three sumo wrestlers in this subset: Akebono, Musashimaru, Hakuho.

The second subset is the Stay Gold Subset although I have yet to see any of the actual cards come up for auction and have only see photos of these cards in SCM.  Right now they are issuing exchange cards, see above(image above from Yahoo Auctions), for the actual card in the near future.  There are also three sumo cards in this set: Chiyonofuji, Takanohana, and Hokutoumi.

Yokozuna Hakuho is the only sumo wrestler in the Superstar subset, but there are different parallel cards of him for this subset.  A base card, a gold parallel numbered to 200, a hologram parallel numbered to 100 and a hologram PP parallel numbered to 100.  I am not sure what the difference is between the two holograms, but one of them is shown above.

 There is also a Sparkling Hero subset, but no sumo wrestlers appear in it.  The biggest draw, though, are all the autograph cards as seen above...each one comes in a vertical and horizontal orientation with different numbering.  My biggest complaint if I was to get any is the sticker autographs.  BBM is notorious for them and I am not a big fan....but when they are the only game in town you have no choice.  Some of the sumo signers in this set I would love to own especially Musashimaru, Akebono and Takanohana.  Although, I can't see myself paying for a few squiggles in the case of  Takanohana or Akebono.  If I do get any of these, it would be the Musashimaru as he has the cleanest of signatures.

Here is the complete sumo checklist for the 2016 Masterpiece Set.

#78 Chiyonofuji
#79 Hokutoumi
#80 Akebono
#81 Takanohana
#82 Musashiyama
#83 Hakuho

Musashimaru-Horizontal  (#ed to 90)
Musashimaru-Vertical (#ed to 60)
Takanohana-Horizontal (#ed to 90)
Takanohana -Vertical (#ed to 30)
Akebono-Horizontal (#ed to 89)
Akebono-Vertical (#ed to 60)
Hokutoumi-Horizontal (#ed to 82)
Hokutoumi-Vertical (#ed to 60)

Super Star:
#SS12 - Hakuho
Gold Parallel (#ed to 200)
Hologram Parallel (#ed to 100)
Hologram PP Parallel (#ed to 100)

Glorious 3D:
#3D06 - Akebono (#ed to 50)
#3D07 - Musashiyama (#ed to 50)
#3D08 - Hakuho (#ed to 50)

Stay Gold:
#SG05 - Chiyonofuji (#ed to 50)
#SG06 - Hokutoumi (#ed to 50)
#SG07 - Takanohana (#ed to 50)


  1. A mixed sport set with badminton and rugby? Pure awesomeness.

  2. I know, I feel like sumo is too mainstream now. Ha!