Monday, June 5, 2017

Sumo Menko and Card Checklist Book - Fourth Edition is here!

I finally found the time to get all the edits made and new sets inserted into my book in order to print a Fourth Edition.  Lots of new sets and checklists in this edition and dozens of new color photos.  All in all, there is about 40 new pages of content over the Third Edition.....353 pages total!!  I use Lulu to do all my self publishing and they have been really good as far as service and quality.  Here is the link.  For those that might be interested in purchasing a copy, here are a few details:

1. Price - US$77.14 plus whatever shipping you choose from Lulu. I don't receive a penny from Lulu so this price is what they charge. I'm not doing this for profit or glory, just trying to capture a piece of Japanese history for all to enjoy.
2. Coupons - Occasionally, Lulu runs specials like 10-20% off orders or free shipping. If I get any of those, I'll post them in the comments section for anyone to use.
3. Content - There are about 50 pages of front-matter content, 260 pages of menko and card checklists, and 34 pages of BBM checklists.
4. Format - This is a hardcover, full color book so the price reflects that. I'm visually trying to capture all the sets and checklists so I did not skimp on quality.
5. Future Editions - Likely, I'll be releasing the Fifth Edition in a few years as I already have about 12-15 new sets to include in there.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome buddy! I'll definitely grab one. How often do they offer those coupons?

    1. They run them about every month or so. Here is one for 10% WholeSale10

  2. Just got a 15% off coupon good through 8 June. LULU15

  3. Just got a 20% off coupon. LULU20