Saturday, August 26, 2017

Yuta Tabuse Collection Update #2

Before Japan's Basketball B League was formed last year through the merger of the NBL and bj leagues, Yuta Tabuse was a star for the NBL's Tochigi Brex.  Surprisingly, BBM did not jump on board with getting the NBL license to print cards so NBL had their own cards printed.  Here is a somewhat difficult 2015-2016 card to find of Yuta Tabuse in his NBL uniform.

Here is also some numbered goodness from 2004, an Upper Deck Rookie Sweet Shot Rookie card numbered 707/1250.

Preseason B League actions starts up here in another week with the Early Cup tournaments taking place.  The defending champions Tochigi Brex are playing in the Kanto tournament with five other 1st Division rivals, while the other twelve 1st Division teams are playing against each other and some of the 2nd Division Teams in 3 other tournaments around the country.  A pretty interesting is the schedule.

That is it for this evening.  Check out my 1997 Japanese Bandai K-1 MMA pack opening over at A Pack to Be Named Later.


  1. Yuta sure matured over the years. Just check out and compare that goatee of his.

    1. He has slowed down over the years, but is one of the league's best and most popular players for sure.