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    Welcome to my blog about sumo wrestling menko and cards!  After 17 years of collecting and research, I decided it was time to jump on the blog train and help shed some light on this small niche of Japanese sports collectibles since no resource exists out there yet.  This blog is meant to provide a forum for current collectors of Japanese menko and cards as a lot of the information is relevant to many different Japanese subjects and genres (baseball, non-sports, anime, sumo, trains, super cars, etc... ).  I have also published 3 color, hardcover book editions of my Sumo Menko & Card Checklist, but feel there is a need to provide this blog venue to discuss more timely topics and information on sumo menko and cards.  Since the Sumo Menko & Card Checklist is not a price guide, but a collecting and checklist resource, I continually update the book every year or two with the latest information and checklists.  On average, I discover dozens of news sets and hundreds of new menko and cards to existing sets every year that requires a new and current book every year or so.  I've built the checklists through thousands of hours of research and buying and have developed the cataloging system in use today.  There are just a few English-speaking collectors of sumo cards so this adventure, for the most part, has been mine alone so any errors or opinions on this subject are directly attributable to me, although early on, I did have great guidance from the pioneer of sumo card collecting, Charles Finberg and Mr. Kentaro Ohtani from Japan.

    Give me a holler if you have any questions!

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