Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 Collecting Goals - Update #1

2017 is well underway and I thought I'd give everyone a quick update on where I stand with my collecting goals.  So far so good with most of my goals.  Here is a quick rundown of what I committed to do this year and what my progress is

1. Finish the 4th Edition of my Sumo Menko & Card Checklist
   - Current Progress - C
   - Future Outlook - A+
   - I didn't plan on starting this until April, but I slowly been whittling away at it.

2.  Collect German Bundesliga cards
    - Current Progress - F
    - Future Outlook - A+ 
    - We are moving to Germany this summer so I plan on collecting German Bundesliga cards of the VfB Stuttgart team.  Hopefully will have progress updates later in the year.

3. Discover 5 new sets, add 3 additional 1973 Calbee cards and complete the base 2017 BBM set
    - Current Progress - A-
    - Future Outlook - A-
    - Finding new sets are tough, but there are a few I have my eye on over in Japan...I've knocked out a few so far.  As far as adding new Calbee cards, I have picked up one more so far this year.  Also, I am close to completing my 2017 BBM set.  Might have to open another box to do so as trading partners are slim to none.

4. Start Collecting Murai Tobacco Cards
    - Current Progress - A+
    - Future Outlook - C-
    - I manages to pick up several of these over the past few months, but the supply quickly dried up.  This one is going to be harder than I thought.

5. Complete the 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Set through boxes and trading
    - Current Progress - B
    - Future Outlook - C+
    - I'm still contemplating this one and if I want to just buy the set outright. I bought a few packs and may just keep plugging away at it a few packs at a time each time I am in Walmart or Target.

6.  Start a collector interview series on this blog.
     - Current Progress - F
     - Future Outlook - C
     - Another one that I am contemplating, but still not sure if I have the journalist acumen or if there would be enough interest on this.  It is still on the table, but it might fall off soon..

How is everyone else coming along with their 2017 goals?


  1. I'm doing very well...I finished my first two main goals in the first 10 days of the year, and I just finished my main goal of 2018 tonight, so I'm well ahead of schedule!

    Moving to Germany! Wow! I've always had an affinity towards medieval German cities. I see them on travel shows and think "home" for some reason, even though I've never been outside the USA.

    1. By the way, there was a huge interest in cards in Germany before WWII. Before WWI for that matter as well. That's a field I know exists but I know almost nothing about. I hope you are able to explore that while you are there. From what I've gathered they did not return after WWII.

    2. Very cool! You are ahead of me for sure. Congrats!

    3. I hope that I can meet up with a few German collectors while I am over there. You never least I hope to collect the current releases of Stuttgart teams.

  2. Damn... totally forgot about my collecting goals. That's what happens when I have self diagnosed ADD. I'm guessing I haven't done so well.

    1. Ha! Hang in there....sometimes not having a goal is the goal.

  3. Good luck with the move to Germany, its a wonderful country to live in. Where will you be living there (if you don't mind my asking)? I actually got my start as a baseball card collector when I was living in Germany. My dad was in the army and was stationed there for 4 years in the 1980s when I was in Elementary School so that was where I got my first cards (albeit from American kids rather than German ones). I am not sure what the market is for cards there, but I'm sure you'll enjoy finding out.

    I looked into those Murai cards too as they are quite interesting and I collect other non-sport Tobacco cards, but like you I found them to be very hard to find.

    And if you are looking for volunteers for collector interviews, just let me know!

    1. Thanks. We are really looking forward to it. Heading to Stuttgart...I'm hoping the card market is somewhat healthy over there. The Murai cards are tough to find...even in Japan, but it'll be a long term project for sure.

      Thanks for the interview offer. After my trip to Japan next week, I should have more time to put serious effort into it. Thanks again and I probably will take you up on your offer.