Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Free Pack Giveaway - From the Deepest, Darkest Depths of the Japanese Internet...

....I've landed some Bass Fishing Lure Cards.  Yes, you've read that correctly.  Cards depicting bass fishing lures.  These aren't knock offs either....they are made by Takara which is a legitimate company.  This set is title "BassColle '97" or Bass Collection 1997.  How, you may ask, does one end up buying bass fishing lure cards?  When I browse the internet over in Japan it is a lot like Wikipedia.  For example, it is like when you start by reading about the history of Greenland, but you are soon learning about the mating habits of ostriches....all by the virtue of everything being linked.  When I stumbled upon these I knew I had to have them and landed a full sealed box and an opened box with just three of the packs missing.  Some of you know my affinity for unopened boxes so the sealed box is going to stay in my collection.  By now most of you are dying to know what these cards look like so I opened a pack from the open box with the contents show below.

This one is staying in my collection ^ 

 Ready for opening ^

These are pretty cool with a picture of the lure in a simulation of its natural environment on the front and on the back it talks about at what running depth the lure is used at as well as the name and some history of the lure and how to use it at the bottom.  Pretty neat.....

I started sleuthing around to figure out what is up with Japanese Bass Fishing Lures.  It soon became apparent that Japanese fishing tackle is hot stuff.  According to the Japan Lure Shop, "Japanese fishing tackles are high quality [and] your fishing becomes happier."  Bass Pro Shops has a nice article titled "The Japanese Bass Lure Invasion."  The gist of the article is that the Japanese kick bass when it is comes to designing and manufacturing bass lures.  After the short, but informative read, I was hooked and wanted start collecting bass lures....but several clicks later I decided that I would be poor in a matter of minutes as some of the really awesome lures get spendy really quick.

Why 1997 and why only one year...and why is company like Takara printing these cards?  We have Brad Pitt to thank for that....Say what ?!!  According to young cub reporter Steve Glain from the Wall Street Journal, the movie A River Runs Through It (a flyfishing hit), spread a huge Bass Fishing Boom around Japan in 1997, called a Bass Boom (I'm not making this stuff up) and Takara was likely there to capitalize on the really was All About the Bass in 1997 (cue music).  There is even a magazine called Basser to get your monthly fix when not out fishing.  I'm not is the cover from October 2011.  The magazine is still in print so the boom lives on.

So there you have it....through the power of clicking and the Japanese internet we are now all a little smarter on the Bass Boom immortalized by the Takara BassColle '97 set.

[Pack Give Away]

I have 7 wonderful kick-bass packs to give away.  I'll even pay for shipping and as an added bonus, I'll throw in 4 packs from the 2017 Japanese B.League Bassketball set (see what I did there?): two 1st-Half packs and two 2nd-Half packs.  Just comment below on the craziest, oddest, or funniest set you've ever purchased.  I'll chose a winner bassed on the best story and soon you will be well on your way to receiving some Japanese happiness.


  1. I am having a hard time recalling the craziest set of cards I've purchased, but I want to get my hat in the ring for this contest. Probably the most interesting thing on my desk right now is a loteria (Mexican bingo-like game) set featuring Star Wars characters in place of the more traditional symbols. It was done by a guy named Chepo Pena ( ), and can be hard to find since the Star Wars folks don't like people profiting from their intellectual property.

    I am interested in fishing, but I am terrible at it. The only time I ever catch anything is when I am out fishing with my dad. I guess it's been two summers ago now, he and I took my boys camping and we caught our limit of trout. It was a lot of fun. I think I've only ever caught one bass in my life, but I've done all right with salmon and trout. My new boss ties fishing flies as a hobby. I bet he'd get a kick out of some of these, even though I can't envision a way for Japanese fishing lure trading cards to naturally come up in an office conversation.

    1. Very cool. I love all sorts of Star Wars stuff.

      I used to tie flies growing up and love fly fishing. It has been a few years since I've done it after leaving Wyoming. Just put a few bass fishing lures on your desk and say you won a contest....then the rest might come easy.

  2. Congrats Raz. I'll get your package in the mail as soon as we get back from Japan!