Friday, July 28, 2017

German Cards and Pack Cards (Tutenbilder) - Pasler's Catalogs

I've continued my acquisition of German card collecting books and picked up the foremost authority on the post-war sets.  These are Gerd Pasler's Deutsche Cards und Tutenbilder (German Cards and Pack Cards).  These hardback monsters are definitely a work of art and really fun to thumb through.  The English-language part of the introduction section states that these books "have been put together with a great deal of enthusiasm and passion."  It contains "scans and photographs of practically ever known album covers" along with hundreds of scans of wrappers, boxes, and cards.

These books focus on sets from 1950-2013.  This is its really only lacks focus as it contains, sports stars, cartoons, Panini stickers, UD German cards and a variety of different sets.  It would be nice for individual volumes to contain all these different subjects separately.  But this is really only a mild detraction as the quality and time put in these books is outstanding.

The first book is the entire catalog of individual cards are listed, only the sets and pertinent information on sets (# of cards, price, year released).  The second book is thinner and takes specific sets from the first book and actually checklists those sets in their entirety.  If it was up to me, I would have made 4-5 different books and checklisted the sets in each of those books with each book focusing on a different topic....sports, movies/tv, stickers, etc....

Hitting up the flea markets tomorrow...wish me luck!


  1. German TMNT cards? Awesome! Hope you found some hidden treasures today at the flea market!

    1. I did pick up a handful of fun cards. Will post them in the next day or two. Yeah, the books are full of fun sets that I would love to have. There is the German National Cards Collectors Convention in November fairly close by that I plan on attending. Will be interesting to see what goodies are there.