Tuesday, July 4, 2017

German Flea Market Find #1: Olympic Cards

Welcome from Germany....land of lots of beer, nice cars, and a great culture!  I managed to make it out and about this past weekend to one of the local German flea markets and found these German Olympic cards....I have no idea what sets they are from, but thought they were cool for 2€.  I imagine I overpaid a bit, but since they were my first cards, I was pretty excited to get them.  The color ones appear to be all German athletes, while the black and white set has a mix of different countries and sports.  They are standard trading card size and all show a decent amount of wear.  Hopefully I will find more of them and can update everyone on what they actually are.  More to follow....


  1. Woo... hoo! Flea markets in Germany? Sweet flea market finds. Can't wait to see future finds in Germany.

    1. Heck yeah, they are pretty interesting for sure. At least to me since the content that the one I went to had the majority of older items in it. I plan on hitting it up again this Saturday as I am a little better versed in what I am looking for.