Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March Sumo Tournament Winner - Congrats to Yokozuna Kakuryu!

Yokozuna Kakuryu snagged his 4th top division championship in the March/Haru 2018 tournament in Osaka.  It has been over a year since he won his last championship and this tournament he was helped by the absence of the other two Yokozuna helping him sail to a relatively easy victory.  Kakuryu has been in sumo for over 16 years...over half of his life as he is at the tender age of 32.  Here is Kakuryu on his #3 2018 BBM Sumo card.


  1. I don't really follow sumo... but I'm curious. Why didn't the other two Yokozuna compete?

    1. Both were injured. Curiously, as a Yokozuna you can be injured for several tournaments and not get demoted (since a Yokozuna can never be demoted). Although if you are injured too long, you will be pressured to retire. All the other ranks, if you get injured it is almost a certain demotion because it affects your win-loss record.