Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kids will be Kids - 1958 Marukami Kimarite 6 (BC588)

Kids will be kids, not matter what nationality.  Here, Ozeki Asashio is holding a practice session for a group of children.  These kids' sessions were usually done in conjunction with regional tours in between the main tournaments and a way for the wrestlers to be accessible to the public.  Bad photo timing, an annoying wedgie, and poor quality control gives us this 1958 Sumo Wrestling Menko Card.

Does anyone else have any ill-timed photos?


  1. LOL, do love the wedgie card. Wonder if that kid ever saw this card!

    1. Ha, that would be interesting to know if he knew he was infamous!

  2. Lol. Feel bad for that kid. He probably wanted to be on a sumo card his entire life... and when he finally gets the opportunity, he can't even brag about it. Awesome card though!

  3. Oh and if you want to see another poorly timed photo in a card, Google Claude Raymond's 1966 Topps card. And after you do that, Google his 1967 Topps card!