Monday, April 16, 2018

2013 BBM Shohei Ohtani Rookie Card - Green Version

There are several variations to Shohei Ohtani's 2013 BBM 1st Version Rookie card.  One of them is the "KP2 Green Version" which was given away as a promotional gift during Golden Week family festivities, called Family Series, at the Fighters Farm Team's Kamagaya Stadium from 29 April - 5 May 2013.  If you purchased more ¥500 at the gift shop during the Family Series, you would receive one of these two cards shown below, one of which is the KP2 Green Version. The family could also come out and participate in family activities like batting class, catch with players, photos with players, and of course eat some amazing food at Café Cubby.  Some great info can be found here.

KP2 Front - Image courtesy of Officecab

KP2 Back - Image courtesy of Nippon Ham Fighters

KP1 Front - Image courtesy of Officecab

KP1 Back - Image courtesy of Officecab


  1. Man oh man... if his 2018 Opening Day rookie cards are fetching $10 on eBay... I can't even begin to think how much this card is going for right now.

  2. The KP1 card is a lot harder to find for sure. It will be interesting to see where his Japanese cards level out at after he settles in to the season.

  3. Ahh, so that's the story behind those cards. I'd seen both cards on line but it hadn't clicked that they were together.

    I've seen KP2 on Ebay a couple of times and it wasn't cheap. KP1 shows up on Yahoo! Japan Auctions sometimes. I don't think it would do real well on Ebay simply because Ohtani's name's not on it in English.

    1. We'll see if Ohtani-mania produces any more of these on the market. KP1 is almost like a team checklist so probably less desirable to the American collector like you mentioned. YJA has one or two of the KP2 up...not cheap as people are trying to cash in.