Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 BBM Sumo Wrestling Box Break - Part #3

I wrapped up opening this box this morning.  Overall I am happy with the design and quality of the cards...and the collation was pretty good pulling 78 of the 90 cards in the set for a ~87% completion rate.  Likely, had I opened another box I would have pulled the last 12 cards in the set so you'll need several boxes to complete a set.  I do have 42 doubles to hopefully trade and knock out the rest of the set over on the Facebook Sumo Card Collectors Group.  No autograph cards in this box, but I am a base set collector anyway so no big deal.

A nice little plug for Iphones from Ishiura......

Salt is used during the prebout warmups to purify the a lot of cards have the wrestlers throwing salt in the photos.

Kitaharima is a little light to be wrestling in the top divisions.  In fact, he fell back down to the Makushita rank after this photo was taken.....but he is likely going to be back up in the Juryo ranks come March.

Nailed the Kisenosato.  This is his last card as an Ozeki....he'll be a Yokozuna on the next card and since Yokozuna can never be demoted, this is a milestone card for him.

Foreigners are in sumo is Kaisei the Brazilian.

There you have it....let me know how your box breaks go!


  1. Nice box break!

    I've never collected BBM sumo cards (though I have some sumo menko cards that I am getting into thanks in part to your blog), does the set just feature players in Makuuchi or does it go further down the banzuke? I assume if the have 90 cards they must at least have some Juryo guys too, or are there multiple cards of the top rikishi?

  2. It's Makuuchi and Juryo so a nice size. The other subsets have a mix of top division and juryo. I'm working on gauging interest for regular box breaks of Japanese cards with a competition aspect to it to open a variety of different products. I'll post about in in a day or so to see if anyone is interested.

  3. Ah that makes sense. Looking forward to that post!