Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 BBM Rikishi Sumo Wrestling Card - Box Break

I have to say this is one of my favorite set designs that BBM has done in a while.  In total there are 81 cards in the set with two different autograph insert sets to chase.  The background design on the front of the 42-card main set (1 card for each of the wrestlers in the top division) is very Japanese and the colors are vibrant with the rikishi in their kesho-mawashi.  The background color on this 42-card are different for the different ranks: Orange for Yokozuna, Purple for Ozeki/Sekiwake/Komosubi, & Green for Maegashira.  The backs have a picture of the rikishi during the shikiri as well as the top-three winning moves the rikishi uses broken down by percentage.  At the very bottom is statistical info and an anecdotal write-up.  In Hakuho's, for example, it talks about his father passing away in Mongolia back in April and who was also a 5-time Olympic medalist.  There are four subsets as well that are pretty interesting with more details below under the photos: Fight (12-cards), Early Days (9 cards), Next Generation (12 cards), & Upset (6 cards).  My biggest complaint is the amount of doubles in the box...especially for a ~$70.00 pricetag.  I can get complete sets for half of that amount at YJA, and for a set collector like me, I am not interesting in chasing the autographs.  I lose the thrill of opening packs, though, so I'll likely continue throwing money at BBM.  BBM, if you are listening, start including gold and silver facsimile auto parallels or some additional insert sets like you do with your baseball and basketball products.  Here is the breakdown from the opening:

Main 42-card Base Set: 36/42
Fight 12-card Subset: 11/12
Early Days 9-card Subset: 7/9
Next Generation 12-card Subset: 11/12
Upset 6-card Subset: 4/6
Autographs: 1

Total: 69/81 - 85%

Here are the cards in the main 42-card set.  Hakuho and Tochinoshin.  One of these gentlemen is going to be the May 2018 tournament winner I believe.

Here is the design of the Fight subset.  Mid-ranked wrestlers with exceptional skill are highlighted in this set.

 The Early Days subset shows photos of the high-ranking wresters back when they first got into sumo.  I am not a fan of the mosaic pattern in the background.

This Next Generation subset shows the up-and-comers that are new to the Juryo division and have potential to go higher.

The final subset is the Upset series depicting some of the famous "upsets" in recent sumo history....or really when a Maegashira wins the tournament like when Tochinoshin won the tournament back in March.  Some of these go back to the 1980s.

There are 2 types of autograph inserts.  This one is the regular auto and then there is an Upset autograph set that features autographs of the rikishi that are on the regular Upset set.  All autos are sticker autographs unfortunately.


  1. I really dig that Fight subset! And I know it's probably considered rude to ask, but what does a box of these go for?

    1. Those have to be one of my favorite as well. No problem on asking. I can usually get them or around $75 to $80 after shipping. Fortunately we have a trade group where we can all usually complete our sets after only one box each.

  2. Great write up! I also agree we need more subsets or parallels. Seems like I had almost half of another set in doubles.

    1. Definitely. Or if we don't get more inserts or parallels, we should at least be able to complete a base set.

  3. I really enjoy the base card design. It gives off a Japanese art kind of vibe.

    1. It definitely does. Very Japanese for sure.

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