Thursday, May 3, 2018

Check out Fuji's Contest

For those that don't read or follow Fuji's blog over at The Chronicles of Fuji, you are missing quite a bit.  Several times a week Fuji posts informative, fun, and well-written blogs.  His following (248 at the time I wrote this) proves that he has hit upon that perfect balance.  He used to run contests before I started blogging and following him, but he has restarted a smaller & less time-consuming contest.  Hopefully it becomes a regular thing.  Head on over and check out his Contest.  All you have to do is reply to some of his specific blogs throughout May and in June he will randomly pick a winner.  Want more chances to win.....reply to his two Blog Bat Around posts as well as plug his contest on your blog.  Simple as that.  Thanks Fuji and thanks to all my readers!


  1. Thanks for supporting the blog and the contest!