Monday, April 26, 2021

1941 Japanese Sumo Wrestling Menko - M412: 1941 Nagoya Trophy 4

It's not often that I can add to the checklists for some older, extremely-rare menko sets.  The surge in card popularity has made finding good deals even in Japan harder and harder.  However, I was able to recently pick up an 8-menko, uncut sheet of the extremely rare 1941 Nagoya Trophy 4 set.  I was able to basically triple the checklist and catalogue some important sumo names, but what is more important is I am now able to see what an actual uncut sheet looks like...and it is a different one for sure.  The four middle cards are flipped from the 4 outer cards making for a unique display...I have never seen this before on sumo menko.  What I really like about this set are the vivid colors and quality of the artistic renditions of the rikishi's likeness.  A good quality set for the ages and I am happy to now have the checklist as follows:

9612 - Maegashira Fujigatake

9024 - Maegashira Tamanoumi

7897 - Maegashira Ryogoku

7892 - Ozeki Maedayama

4272 - Maegashira Tatekabuto

3556 - Komusubi Nayoroiwa

3456 - Maegashira Oshio

1359 - Sekiwake Terukuni

0205 - Yokozuna Minanogawa

0009 - Komusubi Asahigawa

Have a great week!


  1. Menko from the 1940s are my favorite because they really and truly are little pieces of art. That goes for the fronts and the backs. Nice work expanding the checklist!

    1. They definitely are gems for sure. This one was a great find given how tough the 1940s are for scarcity.

  2. Glad you were able to add this uncut sheet to your collection and some new information for your catalog. Congratulations buddy.

    1. It’s weird that they printed the middle ones upside down. Whoever had the sheet before me folded it too as it’s pretty long.

  3. Has the interest/demand for sumo cards picked up as well?

    1. Absolutely, deals are hard to find or nonexistent anymore. A ton of new collectors into the hobby which is good, but not enough supply to meet demand.