Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017 Japanese BBM Sumo Wrestling Tamashii Box Break - Congrats to Yokozuna Hakuho for his 38th Championship!

I recently opened a box of 2017 BBM Sumo Wrestling Tamashii and was pleasantly surprised by the overall design and collation.  While I did not get a complete set, I was only 12 cards short and did not get any triples.  No special auto inserts, but I am predominately a base set collector so no disappointment there.  I should be able to trade for the 12 I need and hopefully help others complete their sets.  Another box break by Paul on Facebook's BBM Sumo Card Collectors group also left him 12 cards short.  I am really pleased with the overall only feedback to BBM is to lose the horizontal format on some cards in the Kisenosato subset and go all vertical with them.  It would provide more visual consistency in my opinion. 

Also, congrats to Yokozuna Hakuho for his zensho-yusho (perfect 15-win tournament) and winning his 38th Championship.  I have a feeling he is gunning for at least 40.  Runners up include Ozeki Terunofuni and Maegashira Tochinoshin.  I've included some of their 2017 BBM Tamashii cards below.


  1. I'm usually a bigger fan of action, but I really liked the posed profile cards. Terunofuni and Tochinoshin look awesome in front of those pastel backgrounds.

  2. I am liking the looks of this set more and more. I do like the posed profile pics for sure.