Saturday, May 6, 2017

Japanese BBM B.League Basketball Card 2nd Half Mail Day!

The new B.League Sets continue to fascinate me.  I recently picked up a complete 2nd Half Set (minus Card #79.....Grrr, hopefully Billy can help me fill in this hole) and have scanned it here in its entirety.  These cards continue to do well on the secondary market and very few boxes show up for sale at auction.  There is also a boxed set that comes out on the 12th called High Five.  I'll review that as soon as I get one imported.

Here is the complete checklist over at Trading Card Database.

The B.League season is wrapping up with Quarter-Final games next weekend and Semi-Finals the week after that.  The Final game will be on 27 May.  It looks like 8 teams will be playing for the Championship Trophy:

#1 Seed: Toshiba Kawasaki Brave Thunder
#2 Seed: Seahorses Mikawa
#3 Seed: Tochigi Brex
#4 Seed: Alvark Tokyo
#5 Seed: SAN-En NeoPhoenix
#6 Seed: Osaka Evessa
#7 Seed: Chiba Jets
#8 Seed: Hitachi Sun Rockers


  1. Oh man... I forgot that I need to write up my posts on APTBNL. So much to do. So little time. I checked to see if I pulled card #79. Unfortunately... I didn't. :(

    1. Thanks for looking!! I am looking forward to seeing what you get in your APTBNL post.