Monday, May 1, 2017

Taste the Rainbow - Brandon Laird 2011 Bowman Draft and Draft Chrome

I've been following Brandon Laird since he went over to Japan in 2015 to play for the FightersFuji got me started on my Laird collection last year and I have been going nuts these past few weeks rounding out holes in my collection for his American cards.  Soon I'll be diving into his Japanese cards.  I never was one for autos, refractors, or parallels, but to be honest it has been fun chasing these down.  I am a rookie when it comes to all this so if there are any errors or holes in my story, I'd love to know about it so I can get it fixed.  I'll show the set collections as I "finish" them....can you truly ever finish some of these with all the 1/1s floating around?

Here are Laird's 2011 Bowman Draft and Draft Chrome cards that I have accumulated so far.  If I am reading the Trading Card Database correctly, here are all the cards available in this series:

- #26 2011 Bowman Draft
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft - Blue S/N #ed to 499
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft - Gold
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft - Red
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Printing Plates - Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow #ed to 1
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome - Purple
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome - Red
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome - Superfractors
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome - Blue #ed to 199
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome - Gold #ed to 50
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome - Orange #ed to 25
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome - Gold Canary Diamond #ed to 1
- #26 2011 Bowman Draft Chrome Printing Plates - Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow #ed to 1

After writing the checklist out it seems I still have a ways to go. 


  1. Totally unrelated to your post, but a member on the Trading Card Database has a question about Japan that I figure you are the expert on!

    1. Thanks! I'll head over there and respond if someone hasn't already.

  2. I'll dig through my binder of Japanese cards and see if I have any Lairds for you.