Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Guide to Japanese Sports Card Magazine (SCM) Sumo Insert Cards

Sadly, SCM's last publication was a few months ago after a glorious 21-year run.  We'll see what venue BBM insert cards get distributed, if any, from here on out, but over the years there have been a fair amount of sumo wrestling cards issued with the magazine.  It looks like in the 2000 timeframe the cards went from being marked "sample" and of the same cards you would get in sets, to SCM Original formatted least for the sumo cards.  Here are the 12 that I have....not sure if there are any others and there could very well be variations of these so any assistance with this checklist would be greatly appreciated.

Issue #5: #1 1997 BBM Yokozuna Takanohana (Marked 見本(Sample))
Issue #7: 1998 BBM East Series - Maegashira Konishiki (Marked "Life Goes On! Never give up! 1997-12-9)
Issue #10: #01 1998 BBM West Series - Yokozuna Wakanohana (Marked Sample)
Issue #12: #1 1999 Upper Half Series - Yokozuna Takanohana (Marked Sample)
Issue #16: #117 1999 Lower Half Series - Yokozuna Musashimaru (Marked Sample)
Issue #19: #8 2000 BBM - Demon Kogure and Juryo Mainoumi (SCM Original)
Issue #44: #36 2004 BBM - Maegashira Takamisakari (SCM Original)
Issue #44: #36 2004 BBM - Maegashira Takamisakari Foil Signature Parallel (SCM Original)
Issue #55: #100 2006 BBM - Ozeki Kotooshu (SCM Original)
Issue #99: 2012 BBM - Yokozuna Chiyonofuji (SCM Original)
Issue #103: #235 2014 BBM - Maegashira Endo (SCM Original)
Issue #111: #01 2015 BBM Essence - Yokozuna Hakuho (SCM Original)
Issue #111: #67 2015 BBM Essence - Ozeki Kisenosato (SCM Original)
Issue #116: #03/366 2016 BBM - Ozeki Kotoshogiku (SCM Original)
Issue #116: #03/366 2016 BBM - Ozeki Kotoshogiku Purple Foil Signature Parallel (SCM Original)


  1. Cool collection. I always felt that cards from magazines were under-appreciated. Gotta imagine that some of these are very hard to find.

    1. Thanks! These do pop up from time to time, and there are a few more out there that I need to get. Patience is key on these.