Friday, February 2, 2018

1987 Mike Tyson Japanese Bromide Card

About 5 years or so, I managed to collect, catalogue, and checklist the entire 180-card Japanese World Boxing Magazine cards from 1996-1999 and documented it here.  This set has Manny Pacquiao's rookie card in it as well as dozens of other boxers that only have cards in this set.  I still am not aware of the checklist being in Japanese yet so this was an extremely rewarding challenge.  At the time, I also knew of the bromides that World Boxing had done from ~1982-1990, but had never tried collecting any of them.  I am not sure how many of the bromides there are in the entire set and I am not sure I plan on collecting them all, but I wanted to pick up the earliest one that I knew of that features Mike Tyson.  I managed to snag this August 1987 one at a good deal and took a chance.  It is Card #64 and features Mike Tyson in his prime.  These bromides are rather large at 6.5" x 10" and were affixed inside the magazine so you'd have to cut them out which looks to be very challenging.  My bromide was already cut, albeit not very well, so I didn't have to face this daunting task.  I just might get the bug and try to at least checklist what I can.


  1. Very cool magazine oddball issue. Loved watching Tyson back in the late 80's.

    1. He was a beast back then. I imagine that there are quite a few more big-name boxers in this set.

  2. Would love to come across this issue