Monday, February 5, 2018

c1965 Japanese Sadaharu Oh / Yomiuri Giants Yukata Baseball Bromide Card

Here is another yukata bromide card that I was able to track down....this one is of Japanese Hall of Fame baseball player Sadaharu Oh of the Yomiuri Giants from what appears is the mid 1960s.  As you can see from the bromide card, he is wearing a yukata made of the same cloth bolt that is rolled up.  Unfortunately, it'll be several months before I have this in hand, but I wanted to share this neat find with the auction photos.  I also managed to pick up a few more of these of television and movie stars from the 1960s.  I never thought I would be getting into the fabric business as well.



  1. Not sure what's more impressive... that Oh or your level of patience. Several months? I'd go insane.

    1. Ha, such is the penalty one pays for living in Germany.