Thursday, February 15, 2018

2018 BBM Sumo Wrestling Box Break

It is hard to believe another year has passed and BBM's annual sumo set has arrived at the doorstep again.  This year's format hasn't changed since 2015 with a 90-card base set and a 10-card autograph insert set.  These inserts have usually fallen 1 card per 2-3 boxes, but I am not an autograph chaser so as long as I can get close to a base set I will be happy.  The main "drama" with this year's set is the retirement of Yokozuna Harumafuji due to an abuse scandal.  He was forced to retire at the beginning of December so BBM had to scramble to erase all memories of him from this 2018 set since they were probably in the final stages of production.  Consequently, there are only 69 rikishi cards along with 31 other subset cards.  I am not sure which new subset cards they had to add due to his removal, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been trivial.  I won't post all the cards I pulled, just some of the more memorable ones.

#12: Takakeisho is definitely one to watch.

#79: Beer and Sumo

#80:  I love these "First Pitch Cards"

#26: Chiyomaru...he is almost hitting 400 pounds!

#51: Abi..all wrestlers can do this...even at a relatively light 300 pounds!

#72: Onosho.  I love these colorful yukata.  I did a post about yukata from the 1960s and the cards they included with the fabric.  Compared to the 1960s, the fabrics these days are very colorful!

#02: Yokozuna Kisenosato...the first Japanese Yokozuna in a long time.

#84:  Ichinojo..... great way to gain weight.

#01: Yokozuna Hakuho....the all time tournament win champion with 40!

#60: Hidenoumi....real men wear pink!

#03: Yokozuna Kakuryu....the last of the Yokozuna cards in this set.

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  1. I had to look up the story about Yokozuna Harumafuji. Hate to hear these kinds of stories. Sounds like he had good intentions that eventually got WAY WAY WAY out of hand. Anyways... like I said on APTBNL... these cards are really beautiful. Outside of those awesome vintage sumo cards you show off, I think this is my favorite sumo card design.

  2. I bought a different set of 2018 BBM Sumo cards (different photos/designs)--are there two different sets put out by BBM this year? The set is #248 on this page--