Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 Japanese Olympic Curling Team - 2017 BBM Infinity Set

Let's face it...there needs to be more curling card sets produced.  This sport seem to be gaining more and more popularity each and every Olympics.  I remember that before the 1998 Nagano Olympics the majority of people had never heard of curling (me included).  After it was first televised that year, it became almost an instant hit and each and every Olympics it is one sport I really look forward to watching.  The Japanese team is ranked in the Top 10 worldwide in both men's and women's curling, but are not favored to medal in the Olympics this year.  Regardless, they have a pretty solid team.  The Japanese did not do an Olympic set this year, but they did manage to capture the Japanese Olympic team in the 2017 BBM Infinity Set.  Sadly, I don't have all the 10 curling cards in the set, but here are the six that I do have.

#80: Yusuke Morozumi - not shown
#81: Tetsuro Shimizu
#82: Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi
#83: Kosuke Morozumi
#84: Kosuke Hirata
#85: Satsuki Fujisawa - not shown
#86: Chinami Yoshida
#87: Yumi Suzuki - not shown
#88: Yurika Yoshida
#89: Mari Motohashi - not shown


  1. I somehow missed this post... absolutely agree about curling cards! I was very disappointed to find only a couple of curling cards in the 2018 Topps Olympic set, and one of them had a photo of Joe Polo labeled as John Shuster. I think that even without the 2016 "Chess On Ice" set, BBM probably has more curling cards than any other company (not that this is much of a battle).

    1. It looks like there are only onesies-twosies inserted into American sets here and there. Japanese BBM seems to be the leader of the pack here. American only tends to think about curling every 4 years unfortunately.

  2. The Shlabotnik Report created a custom card of Team Fujisawa (curling) and I instantly became a fan. I figured I would search online to see if BBM made any curling cards and voila... it led me to your post. :)