Monday, October 29, 2018

Sumo World Magazine Archive Updated

I'm finally able to clear out some of my to-do-list with an update to the Sumo World Magazine Archive you see on the left side of this screen.  I added a bunch more magazines back in the summer and I was able to scan and upload the tables of content to the archive. Good stuff for sure and I am getting that much closer to completing the series of magazines from 1973-2000.  If anyone has any that are still on my wantlist below, give me a holler as I will gladly pay for them.  I've added the new scans of the covers as well as back in my May post, I only took a photo of them.

1973 - March, May, November
1974 - January, March, July
1975 - May
1976 - September, November
1977 - July
1978 - September
1979 - May
1981 - January
1983 - March, July
1985 - January, November
1987 - September, November
1989 - January, March, July
1992 - May
1997 - September, November
1998 - January, March, May, November
1999 - January, May, July, September, November

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  1. The covers on these are fantastic! My favorite is the March 1985 and January 1984 "art" covers.

    1. This is a magazine that definitely served its purpose back in the day, but got killed by the internet.